ZOZO ゴルフスポーサー

ZOZO が2019年10月に日本で開催されるアメリカツアーのスポーサーとなる!


ZOZO といえば、社長の前沢社長の月への進出や剛力彩芽との交際で話題である(^O^)








America PGA tour competition will be held in October 2019, sponsor by ZOZO!


ZOZO has some of topics that 前沢president has plan to go to moon, relationship with 剛力彩芽(^O^)


He invests much money and competition will be held, famous player in the world will take part in 

this, I think!


Fun will be glad to watch high level battle, I think(^O^)


Rich person’s action is outclassing!