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全米オープンテニス 決勝

本日、大坂なおみ vs セレーナウィリアムズの決勝戦が行われ、大坂なおみが勝ち、日本人初めてのシングルスでの4大メジャー大会を制覇した(^O^)








Today,大坂なおみ vs セレーナウィリアムズ  final game is held, 大坂なおみ  win this game and Japanese win the 4th majour tournament at first time(^O^)


Mental coach's exsitence supports to her pulling up and he is controling her motivation, he taught her paitient on every training!!


This patient was taken advantage of important screen in thi competition and she can achieve this exploit, I think(^^)!


Her character is very popular among tennis fun, after that her behavior is remarkable!!